Thursday, 17 September 2015

What is Soul Communication? Why do we need to communicate with the soul of Mother Earth?

What is Soul Communication? 
"Soul communication is a profound gift for this era, the Soul Light Era that began on August 8, 2003. Soul communication makes it possible to have a direct conversation with the Divine, with the highest saints, and with any soul with whom you wish to communicate. The wisdom, healing, rejuvenation, and transformation that comes from soul communication are without limits."

Why do we need it? 
We do it because we want to understand our soul's desire and purpose...every soul's purpose is to uplifting our soul standing.
Master Sha said, "you will be amazed at how soul communication will change your life. Many secrets will be revealed to you. The roots of many obstacles will be revealed to you. Health issues, including illness and aging will be helped...Soul Communication transforms your entire life. You receive teachings, wisdom, and healing. Soul communication changes your frequency. This makes it possible for you to connect with higher level of the Soul World.

Why should we do soul communication with Mother Earth?
I am so grateful to learn from Master Sha about the importance of communicating with Mother Earth, “Did you know mountains and rivers communicate. Mother Earth communicates. They all communicate with each other." When we communicate with Mother Earth, we are not only connecting to her but we connecting to ourselves.

How do souls communicate? 
How can you open your spiritual channels to do soul communication?
Master Sha tells us that offering unconditional universal service is the most powerful and effective way to open and develop your soul communication channels. One key secret for developing our soul communication skills is to be patient, allow your soul communication channels to open step by step. Build your foundation first.

Master Sha offers many teaching and blessing for humanity to open and develop their soul communication channels. Please read Master Sha’s Soul Communication book from P. 16-26 You can also receive divine downloads that will greatly enhance your soul communication.

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